Wedding Album Maker Gold

Use your CD or DVD burner to create Wedding photo album for playback on TV with DVD player!

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"Amazing output effects, i love it! " --- Mike

"I am very happy with this program. It’s so easy to use." --- Jenny

Wedding Album Maker Gold

Create Memorable Wedding Photo Album to share your love story !

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1. Wait until a few weeks after your wedding to make the album so that you're sure you have all the photos that friends and family members took at the wedding.

2. Obtain photographs from friends and family.

3. Choose Wedding software.

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Users’ Do It Yourself Experience:

" I recently got married, but as a bride-to-be I decided to splurge on a professional photographer (as well as asking my entire clan and friends to actively take pictures) to be sure I got very beautiful photos. But, I did not order the photo album from the photographer. This saved me more than 50% off this fee. Instead, after compiling all the pictures myself, I chose the best ones and got to work using Wedding Album Maker. I'm no photographer, but I learned how to use Wedding Album Maker in just a few minutes! "

" I used the services of a pro photographer who gave me a CD of all the images he took, that way I just had to get them printed and could make my own album with professional photos! Go with "matte" finish for a professional look. Then, I bought a beautiful Renaissance wedding album for a third of what a photographer would have charged. I easily saved $1000 on my wedding album by going this route! "